Relaxed Homeschool…


The homeschooler is often looked at as the odd – the abnormal – the different…  But homeschooling is really cool – and I don’t mean popular.  Homeschooling is a wonderful family based way to educate your children, and a great way to destress your life and return to a more simple existence.

Stress seems to be the order of the day -and children often pay the price for it.  Lives are full and so busy that often children are rushed here and there without the ample opportunities that they need to investigate, learn, and grow.  Homeschool can be a relaxed sort of “cool.” A lifestyle where your chidlren learn in a fun way – where they can’t wait to do their “schooling” for the day. We enjoy being home together  playing and learning and just being family. 

If you are tired of being rushed here and there and want to change to a more simple lifestyle – give homeschooling a try.  There is an option for every type of family and every homeschooling need in math, language arts, science, and social studies.  Take inventory – make a change… relax… you’ll never miss the stress.

Homeschool History

Social studies and history are often considered not as important as math and language arts.  Yet, in my eyes – they are just as important.  I enjoy history, I have ever since I had a wonderful eighth grade teacher who LOVED history. Somehow in the midst of all the crazy eighth grade “junk” that teacher was able to pass on her love of history to me. What made the difference between her class and all of the others that I have had through the years?  I believe it was her passion about the subject. 

So, when I look for history texts for my homeschool history curriculum, I look for ones that present the topic in a exciting or passionate manner.  If history is presented as a bunch of dry dusty facts – then that is all the kids will get out of it!  But if it is presented as a wonderful journey through time and the ages… wow… just think what they would take with them!

A few of my favorite history resources for homeschooling are listed here.

Abeka history used in conjunction with the DVD seems to be pretty interesting – most of the teachers really know their stuff. This is part of a complete set homeschool curriculum.

The Mystery of History – brings together world history and biblical history  – with a family time line project. Also available is vol. 2 and 3 as well as resource materials that accompany each volume.

The Drive Thru History brings history alive through a DVD.  Interesting for all ages…

Time 4 Learning social studies keeps my 3rd graders attention!!

If your little people like to draw – Draw and Write through history  – may be what they need!!

The Story of the World is an activity book,  but brings an interesting flair to workbook learning!

Hands on Geography gives you plenty of ideas for projects that incorporate teaching geography into your homeschool.’s site has a lot of interactive material that you can use in your homeschool.

History for Kids gives is a great free resource to adapt to your homeschooling needs.

History detectives kids is a great place to get some “facts” while having fun!

Here is a collection of great kids history sites – topical titles let you choose what you need for the subject you are on.

Well, going through all of these great sites – makes me want to dig in to history again…

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