Where’s Your Summer Bucket List?

Summer Bucket List How to!I know we’ve heard a lot about bucket lists… but you’ve got to admit kids love making them. It’s almost like a wish list for doing things with your family and you can’t get much better than that! We’re suggesting you use the bucket list as a summertime way to get your kiddos writing and thinking. Here are ideas for making that creative bucket list for summer learning fun!

  1. Start by making the bucket list a way to have your kiddos use their writing and language skills. (sneaking it in!)
  2. Have some paper and colorful markers or pencils and stickers. (It’s gotta be fun!)
  3. Start by giving them 3 different sheets of paper. Tell them to make a list of crafts or things to do at home (watercolor, make cards), things to do away from home (feed the ducks), and places to visit (the kid’s museum in the next town over). Encourage them to make it as realistic as possible.
  4. Once they’ve made their 3 lists, have them review it and make sure it’s all things that mom and dad would actually do. Then have them compile their list onto one sheet with check boxes beside each item.
  5. Once they finish, have them decorate their bucket list!

For more bucket list ideas visit this cool collection of summer bucket lists.

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