Practical Tips for Back to School

Practical Tips for a Great Back to School

School is pretty much underway across the United States and with all of us trying to get into the new routine there’s alot to be said for getting things to run smooth. I know, some days you just need a “do over”, but most of the time there are things you can put into practice that will help the day work better.

I’ve learned over the years with my six children that if I want things to go smoothly, then I need to be proactive. Easy – smooth flowing days don’t just happen. But, if I’ve put a few things into practice before the day starts then most often (notice – I didn’t say always!) our day ends up great!

Make a Check List for both you and the kids. We love the curriculum that we use currently. It offers a weekly planner that I can create for the entire year that pulls vacations and weekly breaks. It brings together everything they need to do for the day to complete their assignments, and then I add a check sheet for additional items such as timed reading, online geography, and even their online spelling assignments.Practical Tips for Back to School

Plan Ahead the night before. I know sometimes you don’t feel like it. But, take a minute before you head to bed and make sure everything is ready to roll for the next day!

Get into the routine of each day. Your check sheets that you’ve made will help with this. Instead of answering the “what do I do now?” question a hundred times a day, your kids will follow the check sheet and soon it will become habit. Make yourself a check list too – be sure to include work, home, and homeschool tasks.

Get enough rest. I know everyone says “get your 8.” Well, listen to them. Your kids need at least 8 hours, maybe more if they are growing fast. I know I need 8 or I get a headache. So, listen to your body, get the rest you need. You’ll find it gives you a bit more patience when you hit that terrible math lesson! BUT, the hard part is going to bed. I find that I love the quiet after the kids are in bed… but I can stay up half the night enjoying that quiet. So, for me it takes extra work to shut everything off and head to bed in time to get my 8 hours.

Question your time. Sometimes we lose time on silly things, often it’s social media, email, or even TV.  Cut back on all those time wasters, and limit yourself especially during the school day. Limit your email inbox checking to about 5-10 minutes each day. I try to avoid social media  – even though my work requires some time on social media channels I try to remind myself frequently to stay on task and FOCUS!

Some of these may seem so simple, but they can be life changing! Take one at a time and add them to your day. If you need help with a daily check sheet. Here’s a copy of our check sheet.